HIM is a bespoke home improvement service that offers clients a single point of contact throughout the project. This not only ensures efficient and effective management of the project, but it also removes the stress and time associated with managing various contractors.

HIM’s foundation lies in the experience developed during Sandro’s many years at the City of Melbourne. During this time he delivered a variety of large scale and often complex projects including Melbourne’s new year’s eve celebrations, Moomba, the Melbourne Cup Parade and the AFL Parade.

Project managing events of this scale required significant skills in logisitics, local laws, risk management, the appointment and management of sub-contractors and, quite regularly, dealing with the unexpected.
Sandro takes real pride in leading large, successful teams and coordinating each team member to deliver a consistently high standard of work.

Sandro is excited to be bringing this experience into the residential property environment, offering a service unlike anything else in the current marketplace.


Whether you are thinking about a project or have already started and need some advice, please contact Sandro.

For a response within 1 business day, call or text Sandro on +61 411 408 131

For a response within 2 business days, email HIM on sandro@him.melbourne

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